Official launch for Frame, the showcase for

6 July 2021

The Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region, Rudi Vervoort, used a digger to officially launch construction work on the site of the Frame media centre, the future showcase of

The Urban Development Corporation ( is...

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Simulation of the building’s façade. © (Baukunst-Bruther) PAD-RPA: Region modifies plans without giving up on its ambitions

21 June 2021

On 17 June 2021, the Brussels Government approved modifications to the draft PAD-RPA (territorial development plan) for, in response to the 2019 public consultation and the opinions of the bodies and municipalities sought in this context. Two main principles guide this...

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New version PAD-RPA. © Leclercq Associés/

SAU appoints BAM Interbuild - Groven+ to build showcase for

20 April 2021

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU) has appointed the consortium BAM Interbuild - Groven+ to construct the FRAME building, the future showcase for, whose occupants will include BX1 and the IHECS Academy.

The consortium BAM Interbuild - Groven+ has been selected...

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Frame, future media house of © Baukunst-Bruther

Architecture firm Bruther, co-designer of Frame, wins Swiss Architectural Award

27 November 2020

The Paris-based architecture firm Bruther, founded by Stéphanie Bru and Alexandre Theriot, has won the seventh Swiss Architectural Award. Bruther is one of the co-designers, along with the Brussels-based...

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 Frame, future media house of

SAU seeks team to consider the conversion of Reyers Tower

11 June 2020

The RTBF and VRT transmission tower’s construction in 1979 was a feat of architectural engineering, and the structure has been an iconic landmark in the Brussels cityscape for over 40 years. With its circular saucer 34 metres across and 16 metres deep placed on a central pillar 73 metres high,...

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SAU obtains planning permission for FRAME, the showcase for

7 April 2020

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU) has obtained planning permission for the construction of the FRAME building, the future showcase for

Gilles Delforge, the director of the SAU, underlines that ‘This is an important step in the development...

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