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Since the opening of the Gare de l’Ouest metro station, this district has been one of the best served by public transport (metro, bus, tram and train) in the Brussels-Capital Region, and land is still available for the creation of a dense urban fabric of housing, local facilities, shops and businesses. The development of this potential will also enable better links to be created between the neighbouring districts through the development of pleasant public spaces.

The definition study approved in October 2015 by the government of the Brussels-Capital Region has led to:

  • the assessment of the site and surrounding neighbourhoods, identifying needs in terms of housing, educational facilities, economic activities, transport, landscape, etc. (for example, Infrabel’s plan to set up a training centre for the railway professions there creates the opportunity to consider a partnership with STIB-MIVB, Bruxelles-Formation and Actiris for a training and employment programme for local people);
  • recommendations for future development, with a view to the preparation of a master plan for functions, building heights, locations, transport and so on for this area.


In July 2016, the Brussels Planning Agency perspective.brussels published a contract notice to ‘appoint a multidisciplinary team to develop the Regional Master Plan for the Gare de l’Ouest site, assess the environmental impacts, do the necessary regulatory work and oversee the implementation of the urban plan in the long term’.

The role of the Urban Development Corporation (sau-msi.brussels)

Once the strategic planning has been settled by the Brussels Planning Agency  perspective.brussels for this Gare de l’Ouest area, it will be time for the Urban Development Corporation (sau-msi.brussels) to take care of the operational implementation of this planning to ensure the site’s concrete development, as it has already done for the Canal, Delta and Josaphat. 

Updated: 2020.01.20

The train/metro lines and the Gare de l’Ouest brownfield site.  © SAU-MSI/ReportersThe Gare de l’Ouest train-tram-bus-metro intermodal hub.  © SAU-MSI/ReportersThe Gare de l’Ouest brownfield site and the Beekkant footbridge.  © SAU-MSI/ReportersThe Gare de l’Ouest train-tram-bus-metro intermodal hub.  © SAU-MSI/ReportersThe Beekkant footbridge overlooking the Gare de l’Ouest brownfield site. © SAU-MSI/Reporters

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