Integrated centre for drug users

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU) is to build an Integrated Centre for Vulnerable Drug Users near the Canal, opposite Tour & Taxis.

The new premises will have an approximate total floor space of 5,000 m²: just over 4,000 m² for the Integrated Centre run by Transit asbl and nearly 1,000 m² for the Port of Brussels. They will be built opposite Tour & Taxis, next to the headquarters of the Port of Brussels.

The SAU is acting as delegated project manager for the entire project, in its capacity as coordinator of Brussels' development, in charge of the implementation of major urban development projects and public facilities of regional significance. It is working closely with Brussels Prevention and Security (BPS), which is financing the project, the Port of Brussels, the Regional Land Management Agency, the team of the Region’s Chief Architect and Transit asbl.

The Region plans to open the Integrated Centre for Vulnerable Drug Users in 2026.

Updated: 22.08.2022

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