SIAMU-DBDMH – Chaussée de Mons, 409

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU) is in charge of building a new fire station and a shared sports facility open to the local community near the Canal in Anderlecht.

The new building, with a total floor space of around 5,700 m², including some 1,300 m² for the sports facility, will be constructed at 409 Chaussée de Mons, right at the heart of the Cureghem district. It will become home to the relocated Fire Service Outpost (fire station) currently located at 627 Chaussée de Mons, and a sports facility for the use of the firefighters and local residents.

The Region plans its opening for 2025.

The SAU is running the project on behalf of the Fire and Emergency Medical Service (SIAMU-DBDMH), the Brussels-Capital Region, which is funding the sports facility, and the Municipality of Anderlecht, which will manage it. Its involvement reflects its role as coordinator of Brussels' development, in charge of the implementation of major urban development projects and, as is the case here, public facilities of regional significance.

Updated: 22.08.2022

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