bpost issues call for proposals for the Delta Triangle

A call for project designers has been launched by bpost for the construction of a new Mail Center on the Delta Triangle in Auderghem, a strategic site belonging to the SAU-MSI and located at the entrance to the town. The new building will need to have nearly 4,000 m² of floor space for mail and parcel distribution, an administrative area of some 575 m² and 11,500 m² of parking. The roof will be landscaped. The budget for the work is 12.6 million euros plus VAT.

This bpost Mail Center will co-exist with several other urban functions, the plans for which will be drawn up later on this SAU-MSI site which has been earmarked for a mixed programme of facilities, housing and businesses.

Deadline for submission of tenders: 15 September 2017 at 11 am.

Details: https://enot.publicprocurement.be

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