SAU initiates circular economy approach for site

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU) has appointed a consortium run by ROTOR (together with SECO and 3DCM Consult) to assist it in setting up a circular economy approach for various demolition, construction and conversion operations on the site of the former Fritz Toussaint barracks at the corner of Boulevard Général Jacques and Avenue de la Couronne in Ixelles (the project).

The SAU launched the tender process in December 2019, assisted by a ULB-VUB research team. It had received seven proposals by the end of January 2020.

The four-year framework agreement relates in particular to:

  • the drawing up of inventories of materials for the various buildings on the site and for the public space;
  • the development of a reuse strategy for the project based on various indicators (environmental, economic, technical), to be applied to different architectural planning processes;
  • the operational implementation and monitoring of the reuse strategy across the project.
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