Integrated centre for drug users

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU) is to build an Integrated Centre for Vulnerable Drug Users at 55 Avenue du Port in 1000 Brussels, opposite Tour & Taxis. The project, funded by Brussels Prevention and Security (BPS), will be run by the non-profit organisation Transit asbl once it has been completed.

The new construction project will have an approximate total floor space of 5,000 m²: just over 4,000 m² for the Integrated Centre run by Transit asbl and nearly 1,000 m² for the Port of Brussels. It will be built opposite Tour & Taxis, next to the headquarters of the Port of Brussels, which will also have premises there.

The creation of the Integrated Centre for Drug Users will be both a significant step forward in the implementation of the General Security and Prevention Plan and a further contribution to the new urban balance that is being sought in the Canal Area, optimising the use of the available land, improving the quality of public spaces and reinforcing functional diversity. The Brussels-Capital Region’s main goal in constructing this new building is to ensure universal access to health and combat inequalities.

The role of the Urban Development Corporation (SAU)

The SAU is acting as delegated project manager for the entire project. It is working closely with BPS, the Port of Brussels, the Regional Land Management Agency, the team of the Region’s Chief Architect and Transit asbl.

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Updated: 22.08.2022

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