Lying between Chaussée de Louvain, Boulevard Reyers and the Liège motorway (E40) in the east of Brussels, the Reyers Strategic Area combines a number of major development projects, including the ambitious, which will turn it over the next few years into a regenerated district that is diverse, open, lively and focused around the media and the creative industries.

This unique part of the city of 175 hectares is a patchwork of large blocks and major urban facilities (including the premises of the public television broadcasters RTBF and VRT, business parks, sports and shopping centres and cemeteries), but the fences around these and the road network that serves the area constitute urban barriers. Among other things, there are 60 companies from the media sector here, employing some 5,000 workers (including 1,100 at RTBF and 2,400 at VRT).

To activate this strategic area’s enormous development potential, the government of the Brussels-Capital Region has among other steps initiated the preparation of a master plan (Plan
d’Aménagement directeur - Richtplan van aanleg) for the complete reconfiguration of the 20-hectare site occupied hitherto by RTBF and VRT, working with the two broadcasters and the municipality of Schaerbeek. Both broadcasters have decided to build their new headquarters on their site, but set further back from Boulevard Reyers and with a smaller footprint.

Ambition of the Region: to create a new development cluster of some 382,000 m²; to restore quality of life to the heart of these areas and link them together; to integrate housing, shops, services and leisure provision; and to reinforce the current economic fabric with an innovative ecosystem centred on the media and the creative industries. All of this will require the development of 9,5 hectares of public spaces, the construction of about 1,600 homes and related services and facilities (shops, schools, nurseries, etc.), the development of a 30,000 m² site to accommodate new businesses in the media sector, and other measures.

The role of the Urban Development Corporation (

  • The SAU is responsible for the operational implementation of, including coordination, the selection of public and private operators for the construction of infrastructure, housing, facilities and services; the search for investors and so on.
  • The SAU is itself the owner of land at the front of Boulevard Reyers, between the Diamant pre-metro station and the entrance to RTBF, just off the E40. This land will become the site of a major facility: the media centre Frame.

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