SIAMU-DBDMH – Chaussée de Mons, 409

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU) is in charge of building a new fire station and a shared sports facility for firefighters and local residents at 409 Chaussée de Mons in Anderlecht. It is running the project on behalf of the Fire and Emergency Medical Service (SIAMU-DBDMH), the Brussels-Capital Region, which is funding the sports facility, and the Municipality of Anderlecht, which will manage it.

The site of this mixed project is at 409 Chaussée de Mons, right at the heart of the Cureghem district in the municipality of Anderlecht. It straddles the entire street block delimited by Chaussée de Mons, Rue du Collecteur and Quai de l'Industrie on the right bank of the Canal, with an entrance on either side.

Formerly occupied by a business, the site has an area of 3,771 m2 and has a building on it which will have to be demolished to make way for the new development.

By 2025, the site, which SIAMU-DBDMH has owned since November 2018, will become home to the relocated Fire Service Outpost (fire station) currently located at 627 Chaussée de Mons, and a sports facility open to the local community.

The Brussels-Capital Region has three main goals for the site: 

  • to contribute to the modernisation of SIAMU-DBDMH fire stations across the Brussels Region in order to meet today’s standards in terms of personnel convenience and comfort and building sustainability.
  • to create functional diversity as promoted by the Canal Plan and respond to the need for sports facilities identified locally during the development of the Urban Regeneration Contract covering this area.
  • to optimise the use of the available public land and financial resources.


The role of the Urban Development Corporation (SAU)

The SAU is the developer coordinating the various operations involved in building the new fire station and sports facility.

The SAU is acting as project manager for this project and is responsible at this stage for:

  • launching and conducting preliminary studies;
  • launching and monitoring the project designer's mission until the submission of the planning application.


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Updated: 22.08.2022

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