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For the implementation of the Canal Plan, the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region has mandated a dedicated team, including three project leaders within the Urban Development Corporation (SAU-MSI). This team is responsible for the operational implementation of the Canal Plan.

The Canal Plan’s ​​700-hectare operational zone, 300 hectares of which is public land, is one of the intervention zones of the SAU-MSI within which it has limited control over land. The SAU-MSI acts in two ways: either by playing the role of coordinator and facilitator of public and private projects, or by initiating and implementing projects. Since the start of its activities, the team has been involved in around a hundred projects of very different natures.

To mention just a few examples which illustrate this diversity:

  • the SAU-MSI has purchased the Citroën-Yser garage which will become the premises of the museum of modern and contemporary art of international standing that the Region wants, and has made arrangements regarding a site on the other side of the Canal, next to Tour & Taxis, so that the Citroën garage’s activities can be relocated there.
  • following the involvement of a number of other regional institutions, the SAU-MSI has participated in the preparatory work for the installation in the Birmingham district of ​​a production unit for materials to repair the Vivaqua sewerage network. This work, ahead of the application for a permit, has led to improvements to the project that reflect the spirit of the Canal Plan, including greater functional diversity through the addition of housing, improved urban connectivity through the creation of a route passing through the urban block, and better architectural quality.
  • the SAU-MSI  has participated, in collaboration with the municipality and several other regional institutions, in the preparatory work for the public consultation regarding the Biestebroeck specific land use plan (PPAS), and organised dialogue and co-production with the promoters of the various property development initiatives at the Biestebroeck Dock, in accordance with the principles of the Canal Plan. In addition, on the right bank of the Biestebroeck Dock, the SAU-MSI has been involved in negotiations for the departure of a fuel storage company whose presence was compromising the new developments (housing, etc.) envisaged by the PPAS. On the left bank, the SAU-MSI has worked with a logistics company to rationalise its land footprint and thus free up space for a future Canal Plan project.
  • the SAU is also involved in the preparatory work for the creation in the outer harbour of a Roll On/Roll Off terminal (or Ro-Ro) for the transport of second-hand vehicles by waterway. This activity, which is prominent in Anderlecht along the southern part of the Canal, will be relocated along its northern section. The SAU-MSI is therefore steering a task force to accompany the conversion of buildings and land in the Heyvaert district currently occupied by second-hand car dealers.


Updated: 2016.11.28

PPAS Biestebroeck © Aries/BuurThe Biestebroeck Dock in AnderlechtThe Batelage Dock in Anderlecht © SAU-MSI (C.H.)Citroën Yser © SAU-MSI/Reporters

Project managers

  • Claire HEUGHEBAERT +32 (0)2 899 38 09
  • Charlotte KOKKEN +32 (0)2 899 38 10
  • Olivier MENALDA +32 (0)2 899 38 11