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The Urban Development Corporation (SAU-MSI) has made possible the construction of a major hospital by selling part of its land holdings on the Delta Triangle. Together with, it plans to develop a mixed programme of amenities, businesses and housing for this gateway site to Brussels at the end of the E411.

  • In 2013, the SAU-MSI sold the northern part of its Delta site to CHIREC so that the latter could construct its new hospital there. Work began in March 2014 and the opening of the New CHIREC took place in December 2017. A second phase in the development of the CHIREC complex, comprising a mixed programme consisting of housing, a hotel, shops, a care and retirement home and other facilities, is planned to start in 2018.
  • Meanwhile, the SAU-MSI has been working with the Brussels Planning Agency,, on an urban project for the southern part of the Delta Triangle site, featuring a mixed programme of facilities, housing and businesses. The SAU-MSI will have the task of implementing this programme. The architecture competition to appoint the project designer responsible for creating the Bpost mail centre is in progress, and the first infrastructure work is scheduled for 2020.

The Delta Triangle is one of the three main spaces of the Delta-Souverain Strategic Area, which also includes the ULB-VUB university campus and the land around the Hermann-Debroux viaduct. The Delta Triangle is a site of more than 10 hectares which was occupied until 2012 by the SNCB-NMBS. The site is wedged into the triangle formed by Boulevard du Triomphe to the north, railway line 26 to the east and railway line 161 to the west. It is also crossed from west to east by rail link 26/2, to form two areas known as Delta North (the site of the CHIREC project) and Delta South.

Updated: 2019.06.14

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