The ‘Summer at Josaphat’ programme

30 July 2020

‘Summer at Josaphat’, the temporary occupation programme organised by the Urban Development Corporation (SAU) at the request of the Brussels Regional Government, will run from 1 August to 22 October 2020 on part of the old Josaphat marshalling yard. The site map with practical...

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SAU makes preparations for ‘Summer at Josaphat’

10 July 2020
In its Restart and Redeployment Plan presented on Tuesday 7 July, one of the measures announced by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region was the ‘activation of temporary occupation programmes on the strategic sites of the Urban Development Corporation (SAU)’, with priority being...
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In blue: the site of the upcoming Josaphat summer park and its entrance. © (GlobalView)

SAU seeks team to consider the conversion of Reyers Tower

11 June 2020

The RTBF and VRT transmission tower’s construction in 1979 was a feat of architectural engineering, and the structure has been an iconic landmark in the Brussels cityscape for over 40 years. With its circular saucer 34 metres across and 16 metres deep placed on a central pillar 73 metres high,...

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MolenWest: containers arrive

30 April 2020

An important step in the preparations for the MolenWest temporary occupation, coordinated by the Urban Development Corporation (SAU) in conjunction with the municipality of Molenbeek, took place today.

The containers that will host various local organisations’ activities have been put in...

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Region approves cultural redeployment programme for Manchester site, including installation of Recyclart

29 April 2020

In late 2017 and early 2018, the government of the Brussels-Capital Region purchased the ‘Manchester 13-15’ and ‘Manchester 17-19’ industrial sites in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean within the framework of the Heyvaert-Poincaré urban regeneration contract. Following an initial study of possible uses for...

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SAU launches tender process for reconfiguration of ground floor of BIP on Rue Royale

10 April 2020

The Urban Planning Corporation (SAU) has published a public procurement notice advertised at European level for the appointment of a multidisciplinary project design team(*) to reconfigure the ground floor of BIP at 2-4 Rue Royale, 1000 Brussels.

Located next to the Royal...

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