SAU organises Brussels-Paris comparison at MIPIM

19 February 2020

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU) and Paris & Métropole Aménagement (P&Ma) will be holding a session of talks and discussion entitled ‘Comparing Brussels and Paris: lessons from two major city-centre heritage conversion projects’ at MIPIM, at 3 pm on Wednesday 11 March....

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Permission granted for MolenWest temporary occupation

11 February 2020

The Brussels Region’s Secretary of State for Urban Development, Pascal Smet, has confirmed that planning permission has been granted to the Urban Development Corporation (SAU) for the temporary occupation of land belonging to the Brussels-Capital Region right next to the Gare de l’Ouest railway...

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SAU receives 59 proposals for design of fire station and local sports facility

20 December 2019

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU) has received 59 proposals in response to the European public procurement notice that it published in early November with a view to appointing the multidisciplinary team responsible for designing and overseeing the construction of a new fire station...

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SAU appoints Franco-Belgian team to design public spaces for

16 December 2019

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU) has appointed a multidisciplinary Franco-Belgian team led by the architecture and urban planning firm Anyoji Beltrando to design and oversee the creation of public spaces (21.000 m2) on the site, as part of the conversion...

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Catch up with the SAU on social media

11 December 2019

You can follow the latest SAU news on social media:

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SAU launches tender process for provision of assistance with setting up a circular economy approach for site

9 December 2019

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU) has published a public procurement notice(*) with a view to appointing a specialised service provider to assist it in setting up a circular economy approach for various demolition, construction and conversion operations on the site of the...

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